Report: Dems to refuse Trump's demand for wall Getty Images
Search intensifies for missing Colorado mother KDVR
Another big storm set to hit southern, eastern U.S. regions Getty Images
Feds don't want El Chapo jury to hear about failed sting Reuters
Wyoming woman fatally falls through ice saving dog Facebook
Source reveals what led to Mel B breaking ribs and 'severing' her hand Getty Images
Dessert served at party leads to the death of 26 people
This A-list star is just 3 inches above dwarfism height Getty Images
Ivanka under fire for recent photo taken at the White House Getty Images
Soaking your feet in tonic water has wild health benefits Wikimedia Commons/Splarka
Kate Middleton's wedding ring was intended for Prince Harry's wife Getty Images
Daughter of 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' writer blames one star for controversy Metro–Goldwyn–Mayer
Do you know which celebrity took this prom picture? Daily Mail
Young man's fatal encounter exposes corrupt cops Boredom Therapy
How to perfectly fold a pesky fitted sheet in no time Getty
Football player arrested in death of pregnant teenager Facebook/Breana Rouhselang
Giant sinkhole hides new world below the surface Boredom Therapy
Safest city in the U.S. only had 2 murders in 2017 Getty Images
Ex child star reveals she was sexually abused at age 15 Getty Images
Girl makes stunning realization while out on first date Deadline News
You may die early if your fingernails have this feature Getty
These earrings are a jewelry staple -- and on major sale Getty Images
Guys break into old theme park, get chilling photos Boredom Therapy
You can kill mold instantly with one type of liquor Getty
Mel B hospitalized with 2 broken ribs and severed hand Getty Images
Nurse rescues newborn baby from mother's horrific act Reuters
Simple activity can drastically reduce risk of dementia Getty
Kelly Ripa makes rare red carpet appearance with her daughter: Pics! Getty Images
Man has emotional rollercoaster after checking work's security tape Getty Images
Terrifying signs the government is spying on you Getty
You won't believe what the queen gives her staff for Christmas Getty Images
Man's surprising letter demanding divorce backfires Getty
Common eye trait may reveal deadly brain disease Getty Images
Prince Harry's cousin steals the show in sheer gown on red carpet Getty Images
Even people born in the 1970's can't pass this one quiz Getty
5 common foods to help you whittle your waist ASAP Getty
Prince George's adorable nickname for his dad revealed Getty Images
Doctors: Lessen intake of one ingredient to lower bone fracture risk Getty
Recognize this one-hit wonder band from the '60s? Getty
Terrifying video shows man pushing stranger into street CCTV
Car hits coyote, but what happens next surprises everyone Georgie Knox
The worst celebrity plastic surgeries to ever see daylight Reuters
Film beats out 'Back to the Future' as No. 1 best '80s comedy Getty
Chinese car brand plans U.S. debut: Would you buy it? Sven Gustafson / Autoblog
Breakfast item will give you energy for the rest of the day Getty
Best Holiday movie of all time is more than 60-years-old Getty
'Magic button' you didn't know existed on planes Getty
Fruit named 'gift of the gods' is packed with many anti-cancer benefits Getty Images
20 baby boomer trends that are hated by millennials Twitter
Get rid of roaches for good with this ingenious trick Getty
Fox News reporter named worst 'DWTS' star ever Getty Images
Ranking U.S. presidents by their estimated IQ Getty Images
Expert reveals best way to survive a mass shooting Getty
Northwest enclave named healthiest place to retire in US Getty
The funniest texts parents have ever sent their kids Definition
Ex-Packers coach: Rodgers has been in charge for '9 years' AP
ABBA to candidate: Don't use our song on campaign trail Getty
Abandoned NYC mansion raises many questions Getty
Miami players saw Gronkowski — and knew they'd win Getty Images
Warning signs of metastatic breast cancer you should never, ever ignore Getty
This McDonald's menu item was the biggest flop in years Getty
The most iconic hourglass figures of all time revealed Getty Images
6 things to start doing today to retire by 2022 Getty Images
Incredible discoveries made inside the pyramids of Egypt Getty
Ohio woman, 23, arrested for plotting mass murder at bar Getty Images
Exact amount you should be saving monthly to retire Getty Images
20 simple holiday hacks that'll make your life easier Getty
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